Three Day LDRA tool suite Training Course

Course overview

This 3 day course aims to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of advanced testing methodologies and the requirements and constraints associated with developing applications for compliance with industry specific standards such as DO-178C and DO-278 in avionics, ISO 26262 in automotive, IEC 61508 in industrial safety and IEC 62304 in medical devices.

What will be Covered?

•    Introduction to LDRA & Workshop Preparation
•    Analysis Scope
•    Static Analysis
•    Dynamic Analysis
•    Unit Testing
•    Embedded Testing
•    C++ Specific Features
•    Miscellaneous 

Please note, this is a paid training course. Register yourself for more details and fees structure. 

Location, dates and times

Date:  4 - 6 December 2019

Location:  Bengaluru


Amit Kumar

(t):  +91 80 4080 8707  || (e):

Who should attend?

The training courses are designed to support the requirements of software development teams, verification and validation teams and those aiming to achieve safety critical certifications for their projects in various domains.

  • Engineering Managers
  • Software Quality Managers
  • Software Engineers
  • Test Engineers


  • Code Review - How to use Code Review to apply coding rules to source code e.g. MISRA C/C++ and Custom Coding Rules.
  • Quality Review - How to use Quality Review to analyse source code complexity, testability, maintainability and clarity.
  • Design Review - How to use Design Review to analyse your as-built design using control and data flow analysis.
  • Test Verification - How to perform dynamic analysis and measure code coverage in accordance with standards compliance (e.g. DO-178C, ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and IEC 62304).
  • Unit Testing - How to create and run unit tests; regress tests; automate stub creation; cope with code changes; run a white box test; maintain and document your unit tests.
  • LDRA Deployment on Host and Target Systems.


Anil Kumar NG, Technical Manager, LDRA–India

Anil is a Technical Manager with LDRA India with expertise in the development, integration and certification of mission-and safety-critical systems. Anil brings 10+ years of industry experience and is proficient in the deployment and use of development tools and real-time operating systems. Anil guides organizations in selecting, integrating and supporting their real-time embedded systems from development through to certification.

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